The Major VAXXED screening and geoengineering awareness event in Northern California is almost here, momentum is growing rapidly. Though the denial of the general population on the dire vaccination and geoengineering issues is still deep, it is now breaking down. It is up to all of us to keep that process in motion and expanding. On the wider horizon, there has been another weather warfare slaughter of alpacas in Peru. The chemically engineered winter headline is simply a part of the power structure's ever more desperate attempts to mask the rapidly unfolding planetary meltdown (which climate engineering is exacerbating). Millions of birds are dead and dying from H-5 avian influenza in Iraq, while in the US safe drinking water standards are being all but abandoned by the very agencies tasked with protecting public health. An international report on crimes and criminology implicates females as being every bit as capable of perpetrating atrocities as men, so long as they have the same access to pulling the levers. The Turkish crackdown on their citizens and media is a harbinger of what is coming for us all if the current course is not completely altered. Mass attacks will continue as will the power structure's utilization of these attacks for continuing to lock down on society.
The vast majority are still completely unaware of just how dire and immediate our collective reality is on countless fronts, but such denial will not be sustainable. What is the greatest and most immediate threat? Our planet is losing it's ability to support life with each passing day. There are countless anthropogenic sources of biosphere damage to our environment. This being said, if the population does not focus on the fight to expose and halt climate engineering above all other challenges, and if we do not make a complete course correction, very soon nothing else will matter. Help in the critical effort to sound the alarm while we still have some portion of Earth's life support systems left to salvage, every day counts.