Chicago policing taskforce calls black distrust of department 'justified'

Chicago policing taskforce calls black distrust of department 'justified'
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A draft report from a taskforce on policing handpicked by the embattled Chicago mayor, Rahm Emanuel, says that black distrust of the Chicago police is “justified”, it has emerged, as Chicagoans outraged by the police shooting of a 16-year-old took their anger to the warehouse exposed by the Guardian as an incommunicado detentions and interrogations center.

Meanwhile a local politician expressed optimism that a separate US Justice Department investigation into policing in the city would be expanded to include Homan Square, the police warehouse complex that police-reform advocates have likened to a CIA black site.

The draft report from the Chicago policing taskforce, scheduled to be published as early as this week and leaked to the Chicago Tribune, does not mention Homan Square. Yet it calls on police to abandon practices both in use at the facility and which keep it in operation for interrogations and detentions.

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