Sometimes there are certain processes which make their shopping experience somewhat tedious and not happening. One such process is Account Login and Account registration. To make this process quicker and easier, M-Connect Media has developed the Advance Ajax Login extension for Magento 2.

Kennesaw, Georgia, September 12th 2016 – The launch of Advance Ajax Login extension for Magento 2.0 based stores has made the login to the respective user accounts a way easier and faster. It saves so much time for the new users as well as existing users.

M-Connect Media is the complete Magento eCommerce Services provider which is primarily based in Georgia, United States. They build websites for ecommerce businesses with Magento platform.  They also try their best to provide a complete solution to the eCommerce industry and however, they create different Magento extension which ultimately helps the shop owners to enhance the performance of their websites.

The company up till now have created many extensions for the different versions of the Magento platform. Now, to solve the issue of page reload and time wastage during registration and login, they have developed a new extension – Advance Ajax Login.

The gateway to your store is the Registration and Login forms. So, if you want to impress your users and visitors from the very first step then start with creating the correct register and login forms. To make the process of registration and account login easy and smooth, you can try the Advance Ajax Login extension from these guys.

The best thing about this extension is that the shop owners can decide to which page they wish their customers to redirect once they are registered, logged in our logged out. This also helps them in marketing their brands or new products or featured products. The users do not have to go to the homepage for logging into their account. They will be able to login or create account from the page they are on.

Let’s see what the spokesperson of M-Connect Media said about the new Advance Ajax Login extension launched, “As customers, we have seen that the login and registration processes takes so much time. This was because of the page reload or redirection.  So, we thought of creating something which eliminates this issue and makes the process easier and faster. This extension will give an option with which the shop owners can redirect their customers to the pages they want them to be on. This will be useful for both the parties.”

About M-Connect Media

M-Connect Media is a Magento eCommerce development and Extension development company, founded in 2009. The company has its focus on implementing their knowledge and providing the solutions to eCommerce business owners and online shoppers. They work on the client’s project with the most creative and extremely experienced Magento developers. To know more about the company, visit their website: