It is with a heart full of joy that today, 72 hours before the Award Ceremony, I intend to personally express heartfelt thanks to all those who made this second edition of the International Award "ITALIAN EXCELLENCE in PRIVATE SURVEILLANCE and SECURITY" possible, in first of all we must thank Dr. Giuseppe ALVITI, President of the Promoting Committee who over the years has developed the idea of ​​wanting to create a recognition for the Private Security Guards who have distinguished themselves for particular merits in service and not, as well as to clarify the Institutes that are making progress in favor of the community, promoting prevention and technological innovation, which assisted in the last 3 years by his partner, Dr. Anna NESI, with the historic National Association of Private Security Guards "ANGPG" notes also as the Security Guards Association and the National Security Guards Association, they do their utmost every day in the tireless attempt to defend the category and spread the culture of knowledge.
But today I want to thank all my travel companions in this adventure which sees me as the Coordination of the Organizational Team of the International Award, with whom I have shared thoughts, tensions, sleepless nights, dawns and sunsets in the organizational phases of this event, I want do so by citing them one by one, starting from those who are part of the Organizational Committee, in the capacity of "MAIN PARTNER" with its International Organization, the WORLD BILATERAL AGENCY - Bilateral Intergovernmental Diplomatic Body of International importance, a heartfelt thank you to you, Amb . Dr. Andrea TASCIOTTI, who has embraced the cause of safety since the first edition, when I spoke to you about it in one of our meetings for other synergies, who together with your collaborators, this year you have enriched the success of the initiative; to the other "MAIN PARTNER", which with its organisation, the ISG FEDERAL CORP - Bilateral Body for Social Security, Civil Defence, Environmental Defence, the Protection of Human Rights and the Safeguarding of Living Beings, which with its organizational contribution and the contribution of its staff guaranteed a complementary service to the event as well as Access Control, excellently directed by Dr. Cosma ABBRUZZESE, to the NEA POLICE, a reality well integrated into the fabric of Major Events and International Events, which with their professionalism has guaranteed assistance to the Organizational Committee Services, managing for us the aspects related to Reception, Registration and Distribution of Certificates of Participation, but not only.
I would like to extend another dutiful thank you to our "EVENT PARTNER" friends of this edition, who, with their FUTURPOL VIGILANCE and IVP SECURITY SERVICES structures, contributed to the organizational phases of the Awards Ceremony.

I believe it is also my duty to thank the institutions that have granted institutional patronage, namely the COUNCIL OF THE CAMPANIA REGION, THE MUNICIPALITY OF THE CITY OF NAPLES, as well as the foreign organizations: WORLD BILATERAL AGENCY, UNITED NATIONS SOLIDARITY INSTITUTIONS, UNITED NATIONS VOLUNTEERS, etc., to which we add thanks to those who have expressed formal support for the initiative with their Institutional Representatives, namely: THE METROPOLITAN CITY OF NAPLES, THE REGIONAL COUNCIL OF LAZIO, THE HONORARY CONSULATE OF THE PHILIPPINES, as well as those who have expressed expressions of cordiality and closeness to the initiative, namely: THE PRESIDENT OF THE CAMPANIA REGION, THE HONORARY CONSULATE OF BENIN, THE METROPOLITAN ARCHBISHOP OF NAPLES, MGR. BATTAGLIA, THE ARCHBISHOP EMERITO, CARD. CRESCENZIO SEPE, etc. Thanks to all the SURVEILLANCE INSTITUTES and SECURITY GROUPS with whom over the last two months, I have personally interfaced during the various organizational phases, as well as a heartfelt THANK YOU to the Consular Authorities present, namely: H.E. the Consul General of Senegal, Dr. Idrissa Ben SENE' and H.E. the Honorary Consul of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, Dr. Carmine CAPASSO.
Last but not least, I want to express heartfelt thanks to the colleagues of ISG FEDERAL CORP, Francesco ALBANO, Flora GYGER, who took care of various aspects of the activities on site, as well as Ludovica CERRACCHIO, who moderated the first part of the event. But the biggest thanks goes to my Organizational Team in Rome, to Stefano, Alessandro, Claudio, Enzo, Roberto, Isabella, Erika and in particular to Dr. Fathima Azaani OMERDEEN who took care of the relationships and contacts with all the institutions Institutional and Diplomatic.
Thank you all so much... And now we start to conceive, plan and implement future initiatives...
National Organizational Coordination of the International Award “ITALIAN EXCELLENCE in SURVEILLANCE and SECURITY”

Organizational Committee: Dr. Fathima Azaani OMERDEEN, Dr. Fatiha CHAKIR, Maj. Mauro DELLA VECCHIA, H.E. Dr. Salvatore ABBRUZZESE, President Dr. Giuseppe ALVITI, Head of Department ISG FEDERAL POLICE, Dr. Cosma ABBRUZZESE, Captain Giuseppe CO', Dr. Criminologist Alessia BELGIANNI.

Representation of the Police and Security Forces

Diplomatic and Consular Authority: H.E. Dott. Carmine CAPASSO, Hon. Cons. of Sri Lanka as Neaples, H.E. Dott. Idrissa Ben SENE', Gen. Cons. of Senegal as Neaples, Dott.ssa Criminologist Fatiha CHAKIR of MOROCCO,  Dott.ssa Fathima A. OMERDEEN, Representative of Intergovernmental Body SOLIDARITY INSTITUTIONS - UNITED NATIONS.