Completely Sold out, full of suprises, with a multidisciplinary cast, the show consists of live music, dance and acting with a singing music director, different scenes of the show tell the story of the evolution of Argentine tango, numbers that are comedic, ironic, sarcastic, nostalgic, melancholic, and full of adrenaline. Highlighted by each tango couple having their individual style and personality within the dance. Another surprise is when Giovanna Dan performes a dangerous skill with the boleadoras to the rhythm of live music, challenging the rules of Argentine Malambo, while maintaining its roots. The show ends with standing ovations and prolonged applause, in Phoenix (Arizona), Costa mesa (California), Santa Fe (New Mexico), and Las Vegas (Nevada).


The combination of talent, innovation, and intense energy makes this a must-see show!

“Tango Argentina,” produced by CAMI Music, is conquering North America, city after city, date after date, concert after concert.

Enthralling the public in the fantasy, passion, excitement and sensuality of the Tango.

Only just beginning, from now through April.

Onwards to Modesto (California), Detroit (Michigan), Champaign (Illinois), Carmel (California), and then continuing in February, March and April across North America, passing through the cities of St. Louis, Orlando, New York and many more.

Extolling the tango tradition, both in music and dance, through the charisma and talent of a stellar cast from Argentina and across the globe.

“Tango Argentina” is the perfect synergy between the compositions of Mocata and the innovative choreography of GD Tango.

Audiences are mesmerized and immersed in the shared energy between musicians and dancers.

The last song of the first half is “Charlestonga” combining the Roaring Twenties in the United States with the Argentine milonga in a mix that captivates the audience.

The tango tradition acknowledged with the inevitable “Cumparsita” and in well known compositions by Pugliese, D'Arienzo and other leading composers, joined with the towering presence of Astor Piazzolla.


A truly magical show of high artistic quality, appreciated and enjoyed by both the connoisseur and the newly initiated.


On stage:

8 dancers and 4 internationally renowned musicians.

The GD Tango group, led and choreographed by Guillermo De Fazio and Giovanna Dan, together with three other couples: Marcos Pereira and Florencia Borgnia, Andres Bravo and Sarita Apel, and Maximiliano Alvarado and Paloma Berrios.


The Fabrizio Mocata Quartet provides the music: Fabrizio Mocata, internationally renowned pianist, created the arrangements; Moshe Shulman on bandoneon; Diana Seitz on violin; and Dominic Martinez on double bass.

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Producer: Derek Gleeson

Company Manager: Janet Marin

General Management: Davide La Bollita (Music Art New Imagine Management)

Graphics, Communication and Press Office: Lorenzo Moriconi (The Spaceman Music)