Where is Doctors Without Borders (MSF) during COVID-19 crisis? You didn’t know? Well, maybe because they were too busy supporting hospitals and nursing homes for the elderly, keeping healthcare workers safe, assisting vulnerable people, such as the homeless, refugees and migrants and providing technical support and training all over the world.

Today, in Europe some of the most advanced health systems in the world are collapsing under the pressure of the pandemic. As an organisation whose entire way of working is built around emergencies and outbreaks, MSF has the experience of operating. On any given day, their staff treats tens of thousands of patients for a variety of illnesses around the world. Right now they for example urge European Union countries to share essential equipment, like masks and gloves, between countries and implement solidarity measures. Today it is Italy that urgently needs supplies of medical equipment to protect healthcare workers. 
„This emergency affects us all. For this reason, the response needs teamwork. We are sharing our experience in managing large epidemics with our colleagues in Italy, working as one unified team.“ - ANGELO RUSCONI, MSF WATSAN EXPERT
Obviously right now a key priority is to keep our regular medical programs running for the flood of patients and vulnerable communities. This pandemic puts the lives of people around the world at risk – and presents even greater danger in countries with weak health systems. Donate now to help MSF respond to the coronavirus pandemic.

On their main website  the procedures for donating on their behalf are explained in detail and you can also read more about their actions during the crisis. Doctors Without Borders is also present on Facebook and Twitter, we invite everyone to follow their work and spread their commitment. The hashtag #AiutoSenzaFrontiere has been created as a point of reference. We invite everyone to actively collaborate also via social networks: Share, support, help – You can make a difference!
Helping Doctors Without Borders means helping our families and loved ones. Donating, even a little, means supporting not only those who are involved in the fight against the pandemic but also contributing personally to the treatment of those infected. Everyones help is fundamental. More than ever.