Barbados is not only an island surrounded by crystal-clear sea but has something to offer every type of traveller: are you a foodie? Are you an explorer? Do you love history or adventure? Do you just want to relax in the great outdoors? You will find the right holiday for you in Barbados.

Barbados is an island that can cater for many different types of visitors. The west coast with long white beaches lapped by turquoise sea invites you to a relaxing beach holiday, perhaps staying in the luxurious hotels dotted along the coast. This is ideal for those who love resorts, comfort and a lively nightlife.

Those who like a more spartan lifestyle, rocky coastlines, wind, waves and above all surfing have the entire east coast directly on the Atlantic Ocean where there are more or less extensive bays reserved for experienced swimmers and sheltered natural pools for the less enterprising.

Inland, on the other hand, one can admire the island's luxuriant flora, both in botanical gardens where flowers of the strangest colours and shapes are cultivated, and in some valleys where the primordial nature of Barbados has been preserved, including the characteristic Ficus citrifolia, which has very developed aerial roots resembling long beards.

Architecture and art enthusiasts may find interest in the many stone-built churches and the historic area of the capital city, which is an outstanding example of British colonial architecture and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In all places, then, you will find friendly people, good food - don't miss the flying fish and fishcakes - and, of course, excellent rum to taste in one of the many rum shops.

A few weeks ago, dedicated exclusively to this fascinating island, the BarbadosInfo website went online, where you can find, in English and Italian, all the information you need to organise your dream holiday in Barbados.