These particulates pass right through the lungs into the bloodstream. That makes them a vaccination from the sky, and that is, in my opinion, why they are the No. 1 health issue of our time.

—Russ Tanner

Russ Tanner is the creator of, a leading website on geoengineering, and the Facebook group Chemtrails Global Skywatch. Russ was born in New York state, raised in Florida and lives in Maine. A sky watcher his entire life, Russ has devoted time to educating the public about geoengineering and chemtrails, which make him and others sick, in an effort to bring about their end for the health of human beings, other creatures and the planet.

Russ answers questions by Brian Rossiter in this special interview, conducted by phone.

For the benefit of those who’ve never heard of geoengineering or observed chemtrails, will you describe what these two things are?

Chemtrails is a popular name giving to the trails that you see behind jets in the sky. Geoengineering is the concept that we can inject particulates into the atmosphere to change the nature of the atmosphere. Mainly, it’s discussed as something to cool the planet. Geoengineering is a technical term; chemtrails is a more popularized term.