10 years of cultural promotion in La Casa degli Artisti of Gallipoli.
An exploration of the treasures collected and jealously preserved in these 10 years of active presence in Apulian and national cultural landscape. An emotional itinerary through donations and affection certificates,collected over the years and kept with care now being exhibited to the public for the joy of sharing moments of enthusiasm and passion.
This is the meaning of the new shows that will animate the exhibition spaces of La Casa degli Artisti of Gallipoli from March 24th to the end of 2016.
It is therefore  the celebration of the first decade of this phantasmagorical art and hospitality container  now internationally famous not only for its unique architectural structure, designed by the artist Giorgio De Cesario who here permanently exposes his works, but also for the variety of cultural initiatives proposed by the owners, the same Giorgio De Cesario and Maria Cristina Maritati, who always offer their residence freely as an exhibition location for various art expressions.
Many newspapers and magazines of art and tourism  have witnessed with
articles their commitment. On the occasion  all the works donated to the House will be on display, including, for example, Salvatore Pepe's minimal paintings, Max Hamlet Sauvage's surrealist creations, Eugenio Giustizieri's,Patrizia Chiriacò's and Giuseppe Cascella's paintings . You can admire the many relics that adorn many corners of this residence and among them let's remember an unpublished poem by Gabriele D'Annunzio, two lithographs by Basilio Cascella , some XIX-century photos and many
other small rarities of inestimable sentimental value. This  celebratory excursus will be completed with various volumes presented here over the years and among these we remember Federico Natali's historical works, Beppe Costa's and Amanda Gesualdi's poems, Augusto Benemeglio's biographical portraits  , Nadia Marra's short stories,  Ilaria Ferramosca's graphic novels and numerous texts published by Akkuaria represented by Vera Ambra. In conclusion, here are, in strictly alphabetical order, the names of the painters, sculptors, and writers taking part in the exhibition: Ago, Elisa Albano, Sebastiano Altomare, Vera Ambra, Augusto Ambrosone, Enzo
Angiuoni, Antarm (Armida Mele), Salvatore Barbagallo, Augusto Benemeglio, Ivano Bersini, Romina Berto, Pino Bosco,Alba F. Bove, Davide Caputo, Luigi C. Carriero, Basilio Cascella, Giuseppe Cascella, M.Concetta  Cataldo, Giovanna
Cataliotti, Patrizia Chiriacò, Rita Colopi, Pino Conestabile, Letterio Consiglio, Stefania Convalle, Danny H.Cortese, Beppe Costa, Gianni D'Amico, Angelo De Boni, Giorgio De Cesario, Gianmarco De Francisco, Mario D'Imperio,Andrea Donaera, Menna Elfyn, Anna Falcone, Vittoria Fedele, Ilaria Ferramosca, Bice Ferraresi, Salvatore Gaglio,
Amanda Gesualdi, Annalaura Giannelli, Eugenio Giustizieri, Beatrice Gradossa, Raffaele Iannone, Lorenzo Lenzi, Gigi Leone, Giuseppe Lucca, Mariangela Mancini, Anna L. Marcinò, Marco Marino, Nadia Marra, Federico Natali, Salvatore
Pepe, Roberto Perrone, Domenico Pinto, Antonio Presicce, Caradog Prichard, Max H. Sauvage, Valerie Scaletta, GinoSchirosi, Giovanni Scillo, Paolo Tortorici.

ufficio stampa e sede dell'evento:
contenitore d'arte e di ospitalità
Via Lepanto 1  73014 Gallipoli (Le) Italia

Prof.ssa Maria Cristina Maritati
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