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4 anni fa - Continuano le avventure tra affermazione professionale e faccende sentimentali per Carrie, Samantha, Miranda e Charlotte, le “ragazze” della Grande Mela. Da sfondo alle loro nuove storie è Abu Dhabi negli Emirati Arabi, dove le quattro inseparabili amiche potranno riflettere sul senso della parola “tradizione”.submit_url = '';submit_url = ''; (Leggi l'Articolo)

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Sex and The City Film su Raidue: borse ed abiti di famosi stilisti

Questa sera su Raidue andrà in onda il film di Sex and The City: la fortunata serie americana degli anni ’90. Chi ha seguito la serie conosce bene le 4 amiche protagoniste che racconteranno un nuovo capitolo nella loro vita. (notizieweblive)

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Spring was once more in the world. As she sang to herself in the faraway woodlands her voice reached even the ears of the city, weary with the long winter. Daffodils flowered at the entrances to the Subway, furniture removing vans blocked the side streets, children clustered like blossoms on the doorsteps, the open cars were running, and the cry of the "cash clo'" man was once more heard in the land.Yes, it was the spring, and the city dreamed wistfully of lilacs and the dewy piping of birds in gnarled old apple-trees, of dogwood lighting up with sudden silver the thickening woods, of water-plants unfolding their glossy scrolls in pools of morning freshness.On Sunday mornings, the outbound trains were thronged with eager pilgrims, hastening out of the city, to behold once more the ancient marvel of the spring; and, on Sunday evenings, the railway termini were aflower with banners of blossom from rifled woodland and orchard carried in the hands of the returning pilgrims, whose eyes... (poetrywriters)

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