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3 anni fa Continuano le avventure tra affermazione professionale e faccende sentimentali per Carrie, Samantha, Miranda e Charlotte, le “ragazze” della Grande Mela. Da sfondo alle loro nuove storie è Abu Dhabi negli Emirati Arabi, dove le quattro inseparabili amiche potranno riflettere sul senso della parola “tradizione”.submit_url = 'http://www.streamingmegavideo.it/sex-and-the-city-tutte-le-puntate-streaming-megavideo.html';submit_url = 'http://www.streamingmegavideo.it/sex-and-the-city-tutte-le-puntate-streaming-megavideo.html';
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Ritrovarsi a Manhattan: Carole Radziwill -  «Spiritoso e affascinante, il primo romanzo di Carole Radziwill è una delizia. Il personaggio di Claire è irresistibile, una moderna Holly Golightly di Colazione da Tiffany.» Candace Bushnell, autrice di Sex and the City SESSO E AMORE SONO INCOMPATIBILI? La trentenne Claire Byrne, fin dal primo istante del suo matrimonio, deve averlo creduto, visto che […](gianmarcoh)
Rome Sightseeing Tours - The best way to visit Rome -  Suspended between history and legend, Rome always retains intact its charm and its unique infinite wonders. Also called "the eternal city" will show you every period of history, from antiquity to the Middle Ages, from baroque to modern, with Sightseeing Rome Tours you can enjoy the magical splendor of Roma. Today you can visit those places of immortal city of Rome with our electric cars and you will be guided with a comfortable iPad step by step, seeing the fascinating places, the great history of the Popes, the churches, the Vatican, monuments, palaces, the squares and the streets showing all roman faces: Imperial, Christian, Baroque and Contemporary Rome comfortably seated. (axelhrs68)
Argentina Discovery - Route 40 southern section. -  Route 40 extends over 5000 kilometers in Argentina and unites some of the most beautiful and famous country territories. The trail crosses the Cuyo, North and Patagonia. It passes through 11 provinces, twenty National Parks and Reserves, 13 large lakes and salt mines, and five areas declared Natural Heritage Site. Kilometer 0 of Route 40 is the Cabo Virgenes in Santa Cruz, and it reaches its end point in the city of Jujuy Quiaca, on the border with Bolivia. Similar feature to Route 66 in the United States, this Argentine circuit was created in 1935 and although it was not yet fully paved allows full travel with certain precautions.(hugo1954)
Donetsk People’s Republic imposes martial law, cuts off Ukrainian TV channels -  The leadership of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic imposed martial law and a nighttime curfew across the regional capital on July 16, its press service has reported. “Due to the urgent need that arose because of the threat to Donetsk as a city surrounded by fighting, and to avoid various incidents and save civilian lives, […](times2)
Italian Cheese: expression of tradition and creativity. -  If it is true that a good way to know a city or a country is through its cheese production, this statement is especially true in the case of Italy and its cheese, that expressively collect the traditional creative imagination of the Italians. It is a true national heritage, the result of the geographic and cultural diversity of the Alpine country. The northern area has the largest production and also the largest number of varieties, while in the remaining regions are elaborations of a great wealth. In any case, the most appreciated Italian cheeses are produced in limited geographic areas, with very peculiar environmental and climatic characteristics, breeding techniques and livestock feeding, milk quality and cheesemaking methods and specific healing. To preserve these features and the quality of processed cheese in Italy there is specific legislation on Appellations of Controlled Origin (DOC) which includes up to 30 varieties, all with the added recognition...(italyphotogallery)
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