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Questa notizia contiene materiale video 25 mesi fa Terzo singolo casalingo dal nuovo album di Paulina Rubio “Brava”, ma anche primo singolo internazionale della Chica de Oro. Si tratta di “All Around The World”, uptempo dance-pop prodotta da RedOne e scritta da Pau insieme a AJ Junior, Bilal “The Chef” Hajil, Jimmy Joker e Teddy Sky Il singolo sarà rilasciato appositamente per il [...]
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Lester del Rey: Evensong -  By the time he reached the surface of the little planet, even the dregs of his power were drained. Now he rested, drawing reluctant strength from the yellow sun that shone on the greensward around him. His senses were dim with an ultimate fatigue, but the fear he had learned from the Usurpers drove them outward, seeking a further hint of sanctuary. It was a peaceful world, he realized, (poetrywriters)
Ray Bradbury: The lake -  The wave shut me off from the world, from the birds in the sky, the children on the beach, my mother on the shore. There was a moment of green silence. Then the wave gave me back to the sky, the sand, the children yelling. I came out of the lake and the world was waiting for me, having hardly moved since I went away. I ran up on the beach. Mama swabbed me with a furry towel. "Stand (poetrywriters)
Sewage Treatment Tenders -  H2bid is an international e-procurement exchange for the water utility industry.We connect water utilities and vendors around the world. Our cloud-based services are used to maximize procurement efficiency, reduce operating and infrastructure costs, and enhance local economic development. H2bid has become the leading source for vendors seeking water utility contract opportunities(waterbid)
Wildlife Volunteering Projects India -  A talking bird, a Mynah; a black, feathered wonder well sought after around the world. Get to care for and meet its family, the Starlings! What about getting to know a great, big, fluffy cat? The Balinese tiger, a deep marmalade beauty that is often misunderstood. The majestic sea turtles that live for hundreds of years; with grace underwater and proud families. These are the animals that thrive mostly in Asia, and these animals are widely sought after that their numbers are dwindling.(adventureroad)
Crashing Comets Explain Surprise Gas Clump Around Young Star -  See on Scoop.it - Space & TimeAstronomers using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) telescope in northern Chile have today announced the discovery of an unexpected clump of carbon monoxide gas in the dusty disc around the star Beta Pictoris. This is a surprise, as such gas is expected to be rapidly destroyed by starlight. Something — probably frequent collisions between small, icy objects such as comets — must be causing the gas to be continuously replenished.See on eso.org (midi64)
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