Successful Mobile Startup – A Matured Strategy

Successful Mobile Startup – A Matured Strategy
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“Mobile app startup without a matured strategy is like creating a film without background score.”
The strategy depends on several factors: your concept, your target people, region and business model. Undoubtedly, a marketing strategy must be highly specific in every separate case.
Nevertheless, there are few universal things important for each venture. Many of smart investors have already achieved the feat in the market and receiving handsome returns on their investment.
Now, thinking about the investment in the app venture and optimistic to see some fortunes in the evergrowing

mobile app market


“In 2015, An Australian restaurant directory platform Urbanspoon was acquired by Zomato”

Smart Investors

Many experienced investors have noticed the mobile app market maturity. They have analyzed the successful apps in the market with great return on investment.

The Shape of App Market

Just like any other product,

mobile apps

have their lifecycle. It begins with the concept of the business. The designing, planning, and programming of the app are the stages of its manufacturing in the mobile app factory.

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