PMQ's Sketch: Cameron's worst week but neither a crisis nor a drama

PMQ's Sketch: Cameron's worst week but neither a crisis nor a drama
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Whether last week really was “Cameron’s worst week” is a matter on which it remains too early for historians to reach consensus. Probably, it was worse than the week in 2011 when his mum gave him £200,000, the sort of ‘entirely natural’ thing all parents do, he told us on Monday, when, for example, ‘they want to help their children buy their first car.’

Yes, two hundred grand might seem like a lot for a first car, even for a 44 year old, but if you’ve let little Dave get used to riding about in a bulletproof V8 Jaguar XJ with its own on board oxygen supply in case of chemical or biological attack, it's your own fault, and you’re just going to have to put your hand in your pocket.

Possibly too, it was worse than the week, in January 2010, that he quietly sold all his shares in daddy’s offshore firm then told all his party’s MPs they’d have to reveal all their tax information.

But when, in a few weeks time, Dave has accidentally walked us all out the exit door of the world’s most successful single market, broken up the United Kingdom and Boris’s bike helmet is tied to the Number 10 railings, this Panama business won’t seem like much of a crisis at all.

If it is a crisis, it’s a relief no one’s trying to turn it into a drama. Jeremy Corbyn began Prime Minister’s Questions by paying tribute to the working class playwright Arthur Wesker, who died on Wednesday morning. Wesker was, he said: “One of those wonderful angry young men of the 1950s, who like so many young people, changed the face of our country.”

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